Molly – Chapter Six

There were several more emails from women who offered to meet for coffee or a quiet dinner, but none of the others included nude photos. I confess, my self-esteem soared thinking of all these women lusting after me. My active imagination began displaying scenario after scenario of me allowing them to seduce me into their beds and leaving them breathless from our vigorous, repeated fuck sessions. 

My daydreams were interrupted by the buzzing of my phone. I flipped it over to see Sandra was calling. Confused, I answered, "Hello?"

She giggled into the phone, "Hey you. Miss me yet?"

I smiled, "Of course!" I breathed huskily, "If you were here I would show you just how much."

"Oh shit Jarod! I just put on a pair of dry panties. If you keep talking like that I’m going to need a fresh pair before I can walk around Alyssa." Peals of her laughter drifted through the phone, "She kept asking what the funny smell was in the living room and when Christie went to the bathroom she asked if I had been," Her voice dropped to a barely audible whisper, "fucking before they came over." 

Chuckling at the image of her blushing at Alyssa’s bold question, "Did you tell her that my cum was still dribbling out of your pussy?"

"JAROD! You are terrible. I told her no, that she was imagining things." She paused, "I don’t think she bought it."

"I don’t think she did either. You are a terrible liar."

"Don’t I know it!" she whined bitterly. Sighing heavily, she continued brightly, "So when do I get to see you again?"

I took a deep breath to mull it over. I was getting hard thinking of all the things I would be doing to her had our day together not been interrupted. "Hmmm, I don’t know Sandra. It is far too risky to do anything at your parent’s house again. I’ll try to find a motel in the area that we can use."

"A motel? I’m not that kind of girl Jarod. What if I came over to your place?" Her voice cracked as she asked, betraying her nervousness.

"I would normally say no. My house is my haven, my respite from the world. I have never had a lover here." My cock was telling me to give her the address so that he could once again be buried inside her lovely, lithe body.

"Lover? Is that what we are?" Her voice was thick with emotion, but I had no idea which one. Damn it! Did I say the wrong thing?

"We’ve had sex three times Sandra and you slept with my dick in your hands, so yes I would say we are definitely lovers."

She squealed so loudly into the phone I had to move it away from my head to prevent permanent ear damage. Seems that was the right answer. "If I was there I would be sucking that beautiful cock of yours!"

I laughed, "And I would let you!"

"Damn it Jarod, when can I come over? And where do you live? What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?"

I chuckled at her eagerness and cut her off before more questions could spill out of her. "What if I cook dinner and you come over tonight?" I had a disturbing thought, "Do you trust the girls enough to leave them alone?"

"I would love that Jarod, but I agree leaving these two alone would be a BAD idea. Alyssa would probably talk Christie into hosting an orgy or something. Why does Alyssa’s brother have to be such a perv?"

I laughed, "He’s a guy. We are all pervs. You didn’t seem to mind my pervy nature last night. Oh, and what is up with calling me Jarod?"

"Well, I figure that since you put that magnificent cock of yours into me that I don’t have to call my LOVER by his last name."

"When you put it that way, I am forced to agree."

She giggled, "Why do I get the feeling that doesn’t happen very often?"

Laughing I replied, "You are far wiser than a nineteen year old ought to be. So you can’t come over tonight. What about tomorrow night?"

"Hmmm. I should be able to get Christie to stay with one of her friends. I’ll tell her I am having a guy over and that should get rid of her. So what time? What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?"

"Sandra, relax. Come over around six and we can cook together; then spend the rest of the night relaxing together. You don’t need to bring anything, unless you want dessert. Well, maybe a change of clothes to wear home tomorrow. Wear whatever you like, but I will probably be in just a shirt and jeans. At least I will until you rip them off me and then I’ll just wander around naked."

	"Maybe I should come over at five so you can fuck me silly before dinner. It would be hot watching you cook me dinner wearing nothing but a smile."
	"Five sounds good. I am planning to pan-sear some fish, so I will be wearing at least an apron."

	Sandra laughed, "Oh that would be so cute! Please tell me you have one of those frilly aprons with a bunch of bows on it."

	I chuckled, "Heck no! I have a very manly apron. It’s camo. There is nothing manlier than camo."

	Once again, her laughter drifted through the phone. I do so enjoy making a woman laugh. "Oh, this I have to see!"

	I gave her my address and then got busy straightening up once we hung up. I clean regularly, so it wasn’t too much work to have the house looking great. I may be a guy, but living like a slob bothers my OCD nature. A clean house allows me to relax completely. I checked the fridge to make sure I have everything I would need. 

The sun was setting, so I slipped on some shorts and walked out onto the back deck to watch it. As I watched my thoughts turned back to the situation with Molly. I knew that I wanted her, but I wanted more than a tawdry, short-lived fling. For nearly four years she had captivated me, drawing me into her orbit. I feared drawing too close, lest I be burned by the contact. But at the same time I can’t deny how I ache to explore every inch of her body before sliding my cock into her until we both collapse from exertion.

I jumped a bit when the house phone rang. Very few people had the number, so I strolled over and lifted the cordless from its cradle without checking the caller ID.


"Jarod? It’s Molly. I, um, oh gosh." I was shocked to hear how nervous she was as she rambled. It was the first time I had ever heard her sound the least bit unsure. "This is more difficult than I thought. I, um, need you to know that what happened yesterday can’t happen again."

I was very confused. We hadn’t done anything, "Sorry Moll, but you lost me. Did I pass out or something while you were here?"

"Don’t make this any harder on me." I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was blushing deeply. "I nearly touched your, um, thing. I’m married for Christ’s sake!"

I fought the urge to laugh, but it was not an easy struggle. She was upset because she NEARLY touched my dick and yet had let some random guy fuck her last year. I will never understand the way women think. "Okay Molly. I promise to never let you almost touch my thing again." I lost the battle and snickered a bit as I finished my sentence.

"I’m serious! Look, we can talk about this later I think Chris just pulled in. Promise me that we’ll behave in the future."

The words were out of my mouth before I could process them, "Sure Moll. I’d do anything for you. You know that." Shit! Why the fuck did I say that? I was supposed to be pissed and angry, not bowing to her every whim.

"Thanks Jarod. Got to go. I’ll try to organize a night out dancing this weekend. Bye!" So a night of grinding and humping each other on the dance floor is okay, but not stroking my thigh on my couch? That’s a great example of female "logic" for you.

I woke before sunrise and was out the door in a few minutes. I jogged the five miles since my legs were still sore from the intense workout in the gym. I barely made it to the road by the lake before the sun crested over the horizon. This was my favorite route in the morning, just for this view. I was tempted to stop and enjoy it, but doubted I would be able to convince my sore muscles back into the slow gait.

Once I was home, I stripped off the sodden clothes. It was unseasonably warm, and in Texas that means the low temperature barely dipped below seventy degrees. So I was dripping sweat despite the slow pace. I toweled off and grabbed a sports drink out of the fridge. It felt great as I gulped it down. I grabbed my Tiger Tail and started rolling it over my legs. They were less defined than normal due to not running a marathon in over a year. I had been having trouble with my right calf so had taken time off to let it rest. I still admired the way each muscle flexed and rippled beneath my skin as I changed positions during the self-massage.

I made a simple breakfast and tried to come up with ideas on how to stay busy until five pm. Somehow I managed to pass the time without going crazy. I did some yard work, getting the beds ready for planting. I shook my head when I saw my neighbors planting flowers. Texas weather is always unpredictable but we were due for at least one more cold snap before Spring set in for good. I was baking under the sun and not for the first time wished I had been able to install a pool in the backyard. Maybe next year, I told myself. Of course, I had been saying that for three years. But maybe with my new pay raise I could swing it.

When it got too hot, I grabbed a towel and headed to the park. I slipped off my shoes and laid down my towel before sprinting for the dock. The water was so cold, I felt as if it sucked the air out of my lungs through my skin. I swam for the surface and spent a few minutes gasping as my body adjusted to the drastic temperature change. I spent at least an hour splashing around and swimming.

It was two pm when I got home, so I made a light lunch and cleaned up the gardening tools before hopping in the shower. I spent extra time shaving my nether regions in anticipation of the night to come despite barely being able to feel any stubble. As I keep my hair short, grooming takes very little time. I slipped on my jeans and at the last second I pulled on a polo instead of a simple t-shirt.

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